8th Grade Online Distance Learning Enrichment

Aloha KMS Ohana,
On this page, you will find weekly suggestions for Science Enrichment.
We have created a new google classroom for all 8th Grade students to access links and documents. Please log in to that first. Find the login info below. Parents are welcomed too!
Login to the new 8th Grade Google Classroom
  • use the code pzarpru
  • this is for Hookipa students
  • there is a link to the google classroom below.
  • Onipaa students need to use their original science classrooms
Week of April 6th - April 10th
This weeks topic is Motion and Force
  • In the google classrooms, you will find
   -> Pre test... don't stress about it
   -> a few videos: one on motion and force and another on levers
   -> eText which is reading but it reads to you and can digitally highlight & take notes
   -> Digital Vocab Foldable because I know you miss them
   -> Math Toolbox
   -> 3 Interactive Simulations
   -> Virtual Lab
+ a virtual field trip and IXL homework
If you have questions make sure you message me in google classroom, on my teacher instagram account, the remind app, or good ole email. 
Week of March 30 - April 3
This weeks topic is COVID-19
  • In the google classroom you will find:
    • 2 Videos about viruses and COVID-19
    • A slide presentation with links and more videos on viruses
    • 2 Articles related to COVID-19 "Flattening the Curve"
    • Suggested IXL lessons for review
  • If you have questions feel free to leave a message in google classroom or send us an email.
More Contact Options:
1. Instagram @mrs.lane_kms
2. REMIND app. Use code @a24hb4