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School Uniform Policy


(Adopted February 7, 2013 by KMS SCC)


The mission of Konawaena Middle School (KMS) is to provide a safe, interactive, and nurturing learning environment. Our dress code reflects high standards for the purpose of achieving these goals while learners conduct themselves with confidence, discretion, tolerance and compassion. According to the Hawai’i Board of Education (HIBOE) Policy #4410 on School Uniforms (adopted May 1996), all school uniform policies must include the following:

  • School community involvement: The decision represents views of a majority of the members of the school community based on surveys and school level discussions;

  • No undue financial burden is placed on individuals or families: Students unable to afford KMS uniforms will adhere to the school dress code policy (see pg. 12);

  • Protection of students’ Constitutional rights: The Constitutional rights of all students will be respected and KMS will not impose any messages - political or otherwise - on the school uniform. The school name, logo, and mascot will appear on the uniform;

  • Waivers may be requested: Families wishing to exempt their student from the uniform policy may “opt-out” by requesting the Application for Exemption form available from the school office. Parents or guardians need to (1) return completed forms to Administration within 14 days of registering their child, (2) meet with Administration to discuss the School Uniform Policy and nature of the objection, and (3) review the acceptable attire. Exemptions are valid only for the current school year and must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.


All KMS students are required to comply with the following components of the school uniform and dress code policy effective the first day of enrollment.


The following expectations and policies are in effect:


Uniforms Shirts: Official KMS t-shirts may be purchased during summer Schedule pick up or throughout the school year at the Office.

  • KMS t-shirts are to be worn on campus during normal school hours on a daily basis

  • Uniform shirts may not be altered(tied/knotted up, sleeves cut off, tie-dyed, torn or defaced)

  • Uniform shirts which become damaged or develop holes due to use or wash, must be replace


Uniform Bottoms:  Students may wear shorts, pants, or skirts of their
choice as long as the following expectations are met:

  • Bottoms must be fitted to the waist, hemmed neatly, and no sagging styles

  • The length of shorts and skirts may not be shorter than mid-thigh

  • Bottoms may not be torn, cut, or expose skin


Dress Code Tops :  For students who receive “Exemptions” from the
Uniform Policy, the following rules apply to any top worn:


  • Only t-shirts may be worn as tops on the KMS campus

  • T-shirts may not display drug, alcohol, violence, or offensive messages

  • T-shirts must have long or short sleeves (tank tops, spaghetti straps, razor backs, blouses are not allowed)

  • T-shirts may not be thin enough to reveal undergarments

  • T-shirts necklines may not expose cleavage or excessive skin

  • T-shirts may not be altered (tied/knotted up, sleeves cut off, tie-dyed, torn or defaced)

  • T-shirts must cover the waist band of shorts, skirts, or pants worn



Note: School Administration reserves the right to determine the suitability of questionable styles or accessories. Students will be required to correct uniform violations before attending classes. Students who repeatedly violate uniform standards are subject to disciplinary action.



Uniforms are available for purchase in the office. T-Shirt Prices are as follows:



     Colors (Royal Blue and Ash Gray)


Short Sleeve:                         Long Sleeve:


Youth M-XL: $6.00                  Youth M-XL: $8.50

Adult S-XL:  $6.50                   Adult S-XL: $9.50 

       Adult 2X: $8.00                        Adult 2X: $11.00

       Adult 3X: $9.00                        Adult 3X: $12.00 


Prices subject to change.


You may download an T-Shirt Order form below or pick up a form in the office: