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Meal Program and I.D. Badge

Meal Program

Breakfast: Students may eat breakfast in the cafeteria starting at 7:30 am.


Breakfast and lunch menus are posted monthly on campus, announced at morning broadcast, and available on the school website. The cafeteria serves all meals.




Student Price


Student Price


Reduced Price


Reduced Price


Bottled Water


Extra Milk


Second Breakfast




Second Lunch



Mid-Morning (Wiki): Mid Morning meal is served during first recess. The same meal will be served during lunch. Students’ first meal, whether at recess or lunch, will be charged based on their meal status. Second meals are charged at the full price of $5.50, regardless or meal status. Entrées, bottled water, and extra milk are also charged regardless of meal status.


All cafeteria meals should be eaten in the cafeteria. Students may bring home lunch and eat on campus at the picnic tables.


Free & Reduced Meals: Unless directly certified, a household may submit a Free/Reduced-Price meal application for each school year. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible following the first day of school. Parents/Guardians may submit an application online at hionlineapps.primeroedge.com, or a paper application at the school office. 


If a student's meal status was free or reduced the previous school year, the student is given a grace period (first 30 operating days of the school year). The student's meal status from the previous school year remains in place until a new application is received.


After School Food Services processes a meal application for the current school year, the new meal status will supersede the previous meal status immediately. The office sends notification letters.


If no application is received and processed by the end of the grace period, the student's meal status returns to PAID. For more information, please call School Food Services at 1-800-441-4845 (toll free).

PrimeroEdge: Konawaena Middle School uses an accounting system called PrimeroEdge for meal deposits and purchases. All students have their own meal account with an individual PIN, and use their school ID to receive meals.


SchoolCafé: Parents/guardians may use a secure online system to:


  • Make payments to their child’s meal account (There is a service fee of 5% of the deposit amount when making online payments.)
  • Set Low Balance Alerts for each account
  • Review their child’s buying history


Register online at www.schoolcafe.com. For more information, please call SchoolCafé support at 855-729-2328. (Hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm CST)


Paid and reduced status students, or anyone wanting an extra meal or item, must have money in their meal account before school starts. If students don’t have enough money in their account, they’ll be denied a meal until they make a deposit.


KMS will also continue to handle meal deposits in the office. Money will not be accepted in the cafeteria line. Deposits made in the office before the start of the school day may be available that day.


The office accepts cash or checks (made payable to: Department of Education). Students will get a receipt after their deposit, and will receive low balance reminders from their advisory teacher.











Free (for extra items)




Non-Sufficient checks for meal deposits will be subtracted from student’s meal account. Parents/guardians must redeposit the amount in cash and pay a $25.00 service charge. All future deposits must be cash only.


Students should notify the office immediately if his/her school ID is lost so the account can be closed. Konawaena Middle will not be responsible for any money drawn on the account prior to reporting the lost school ID. Replacement IDs (with a new PIN) cost $5.00 at the main office.


Meal account balances will be refunded only when:


  • The student exits Konawaena Middle School and transferring to a private or charter school
  • The student is moving out of state.


If a student is transferring to another HIDOE school, their meal balance will transfer to the next school. Returning students’ meal balances carries over to next school year.



This institution is an equal opportunity provider.




If a student forgets to bring their ID badge to school for meals, they may ask for a temporary meal pass at the office.


First time – Warning

Second consecutive – Call to Parent/Guardian


The office will ask parents/guardians to buy a replacement ID. It costs $5.00 at the office. Students who exceed two consecutive days will be denied a temporary meal pass, until they buy a replacement ID.