Konawaena Middle School

Bus Information



Bus Service: Student Transportation is available to students who live 1.5 miles from school, and within the school boundaries. Buses transport students from their home to school, and vice versa. Applications are available in the main office and on the school website. 


The State of Hawaii has contracted Iosepa Transportation to provide bus service. If you have any questions or concerns about the service being provided, please call West Hawaii Student Transportation at 327-9500.


Buses arrive and depart from the high school bus terminal. Middle and high school students ride together in the morning and afternoon. Bus riders are responsible for being at their bus stops and the bus terminal at the appropriate time.


Bus Pass Policy: All bus riders must show a current bus pass to ride the bus. After a bus application has been completed, bus riders must sign the Permanent Bus Pass Agreement Log to receive their first permanent bus pass.


The office does not issue temporary bus passes once a bus rider receives their permanent bus pass. Administrators will only give a discretionary bus pass on an emergency basis. Losing or forgetting a bus pass is not an emergency. Bus riders should go to the office and call for a ride home.


 A replacement bus pass will cost $5.00 in the main office.


Bus Payment Policy: Parents/guardians that select the Quarterly bus payment plan must submit payment before each new quarter. Once submitted, bus riders may update their bus pass in the office. Bus drivers will deny a ride home to students without an updated bus pass. Students who qualify for free meals for the school year qualify for free bus.


If a student’s meal status changes from free to reduce or paid for the school year, they no longer qualify for free bus. Their current bus pass will no longer be valid. Parents/guardians must submit payment to continue bus service.













$12.50 per sheet of 10 CASH ONLY


Please select your payment plan carefully. The Hawaii Department of Education has a NO REFUND policy on all school bus pass purchases. All payments will not be pro-rated. Examples include:

  • Qualifying for free meals after submitting payment
  • Suspensions
  • Unexpected change in transportation needs
  • Military deployment
  • No longer on Geographic Exception


Downgrades are not applicable. Refunds will not be given when changing from round trip to one way. Parents/guardians uncertain of their transportation plans are advised not to purchase a bus pass, and should purchase bus coupons until arrangements are finalized.


The office handles bus payments, and accepts cash, check, or money order. Please make checks payable to: Department of Education.


Non-Sufficient funds on checks submitted for bus payments will result in an invalid bus pass. Parents/guardians must repay the amount in cash, pay a $25.00 service charge, and provide alternate transportation until cleared. All future payments must be paid cash only.


Bus Rules and Discipline: Transporting students is a tremendous responsibility. Bus riders and parents/guardians are responsible for behavior at bus stops and on the bus. All bus riders must follow all safety rules and regulations. Bus riders who violate rules and regulations are subject to the following:


            First Referral – Warning by school administrator

            Second Referral – Suspension from riding the bus for 5 school days

            Third Referral – Suspension from riding the school bus for 30 school days

            Fourth Referral – Suspension from riding the bus for the remaining school year


Serious behavior violations may result in removal from the bus for an appropriate length of time from the first referral. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their own transportation arrangements when their child receives a bus suspension.


Private Transportation: Parents/Guardians may drop off their children in the following areas:


Parking lot/turn around area above cafeteria, adjacent to Building B

Parking lot/turn around area between cafeteria and high school office


Once students arrive, whether they’re a bus rider or dropped off, they must remain on the middle school campus. Students are dismissed when the school day ends. If a student leaves campus or goes to the high school they’ll be in violation of school rules (i.e. leaving campus without permission, trespassing), and subject to discipline.


GE students, students who live within 1.5 miles from school, or students requesting different bus route need to request “Space Available” bus service.


Please complete “Request for a Student to Ride School Bus on a Space Available Basis” (Form CS-101), along with a completed bus application. Submit both forms to the office. After verified by the office staff, completed requests will be forwarded to West Hawaii Student Transportation office for review and decision. Your child may not ride the bus until the District Transportation Officer approves your request. Please plan alternate transportation. The school will contact parent/guardian when a decision is reached.


Approval/disapproval may take at least 4 – 6 weeks after the first school day because priority is first given to students living in district to and from their place of residence. The District Transportation Officer must also review space availability.


Approved Space Available bus riders must pay full price, regardless of meal status. Approved requests are valid for one school year.

Moving to a new Residence: If you’re moving and live within the qualifying distance, please complete a Student Information Update Form (available at the office), and a new bus application. New Residence verification (i.e. copy of rental/lease agreement, utility bill) is required.  Students may not ride their new bus route until all documents are completed and verified.