Konawaena Middle School

Parent Communication

Infinite Campus and Progress Reports: In an effort to improve communication between school and home, and keep you updated on your academic progress, KMS uses an online grading system called Infinite Campus. This voluntary system allows families to login and view a student’s assignments, scores, and quarterly progress. Please make sure to complete the registration form at the beginning of the school year in order to use this system.


                        Link: Infinite Campus


Progress Reports: Report cards reflecting grades and credits earned are sent home with your child for quarters one to three. Year-end report cards are mailed.


Report Cards: Official grade reports are sent home four times a year and will show grades and credits earned at the end of each academic quarter. Report cards are mailed at the end of semester one and at the end of the year.


Open House: Parents are invited to meet their child’s teachers and find out about the general curriculum of the grade level and team during an evening meeting held in early August.
Student-Led Conferences are held in the 2nd and 4th Quarter of the school year. Students present evidence of their achievement of the school-wide learning goals and the Common Core State Standards. Goal setting, self-reflection as well as parent reflection are included in these conferences.


SCC: The SCC meeting date and time can be found on our Student Engagement tab on our main page. The focus of the SCC is shared decision making regarding the direction of the school.