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School Policies

Konawaena Middle School's Policies



(Adopted 09/13/2005 KMS SCC)


Students may be excluded from yearbook distribution, team/class excursions, off-campus activities, dances, and other school activities until obligations are cleared. School obligations include textbooks, library books, or any other item that was issued as school property. Restitution, for the replacement or repair of an item, may be issued for items that are not returned, are damaged, or not returned in a timely fashion.


Notification:  Students will be provided reminders to allow for opportunity to settle existing obligations.


Settlement of Obligations:  Students may select an installment plan to pay for any obligation. For those students having extreme financial hardship, a contract may be established to clear the obligation through school service project(s).




It is a priority at Konawaena Middle School to maximize classroom contact between teachers and students. As such, we ask that you seriously consider any request to release your child from school early. Students who are not in school cannot learn.


Process: If you must pick up your child for an appointment, or any other reason, please do the following:


  • Write a note listing the release time, reasons for the release and who will be picking up the student.
  • Have your child bring the note to the office BEFORE school to get an early release pass. This will excuse them from class and come to the office at the designated time.
  • Come in to the school office to sign your child out at the time provided on your note.


In our effort to eliminate classroom disruptions, we will not go the classroom to get the student if you come earlier than the time stated on your note, or if your child is late in coming to the office. If you come to the office without prior notice, your child will be released at the end of the class period.


Any adult, besides the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s), authorized to pick up a student must be listed on the student’s emergency card….UNLESS prior arrangements have been made. If someone other than those listed above will be signing out your child, we must have written consent in order for the child to be released. Written consent will be verified by the office staff.


Parents or relatives picking up students from the health room may proceed to the health room to sign the student out.


Beginning and End of the Day: Morning supervision is not available before 7:15 am. Afterschool supervision will be available till 3:30 pm. For their safety, do not drop off students before 7:15 am.


Please pick up students after school by 3:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, students should be picked up by 1:45 pm.





Unless there is an emergency, delivery of phone messages to students cannot be guaranteed. Please make afterschool arrangements before school. Calls for teachers will be sent to their voicemail during the school day.



In order to better serve you and to be vigilant in providing a safe environment for our students and staff, all visitors to campus must sign in and out at the main office. Visits are subject to the approval of administration. A visitor’s pass will be issued and must be worn at all times.


An unauthorized person on campus will be directed to the main office for check-in. Students are not to bring family members or friends from other schools to KMS during the school day.


Parents/Guardians may request a meeting with teachers or administrators by calling the office. They may not meet teachers unannounced before and during the school day.



 (Revised 6/18/2013)

Cell phones and other communication devices may not be visible during the school day. Should a student choose to bring a cell phone to school, it must remain in the OFF position as it interferes with the school’s Wi-Fi connection and will be confiscated if it is in the ON position to protect the school’s internet connection.


Consequences: Confiscation by staff member; device to be picked up by parent/guardian; mandatory conference with an Administrator.


Successive consequences: Suspension for no less than two (2) days




Individual parties are not allowed, and celebrations must be kept to a minimum. Balloons or flowers sent to school will be held in the office for your child to pick up at the end of the day. Homemade food, including desserts are not allowed in school due to health and safety concerns. Students should bring store bought food and drinks to their advisory class celebrations.


No celebrations are to take place during wiki and lunch as they are in conflict with the DOE lunch program.




The selling of items for fundraising not affiliated with Konawaena Middle School or the selling of items for personal monetary gain by students is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from selling items not sanctioned by the school while at school and on the bus.





The Department of Education shall assess and collect a service charge of $25.00 for any dishonored check in accordance with Chapter 40-35.5 Hawaii Revised Statutes. This applies to all checks written and returned to Konawaena Middle School or the Department of Education.




As part of our continuing efforts to maintain safety and security on our campus, all adults and students are required to wear a photo ID badge. ID badges are used as a school library card, and to validate computer licenses. They are also used to manage a student’s meal account.


Konawaena Middle School will provide each student with their first ID card. There is a $5.00 replacement cost for lost, broken, damaged, defaced, or altered ID cards. The school does not reactivate previously issued cards once a new account number is established and a new card printed.





The Wi-Fi at KMS is secure. To access the different Wi-Fi accounts, a KMS password is needed. The following restrictions are in place:


  • Faculty Wi-Fi has full access (including YouTube)
  • Student Wi-Fi has limited access (YouTube blocked)
  • Guest Wi-Fi has very limited access


Without the password you cannot access the school Wi-Fi accounts. All internet connections are done through the Tech Coordinator.


If a student or person is using their cell phone or personal device on campus, they are not to connect to the KMS Wi-Fi. Hence they will be utilizing their own personal data minutes.


The Cell Phone Policy remains in effect, where by all cell phones are to be put away and turned off. Students are not allowed to take photos and post them of social media. This is in complete violation of the “FERPA Privacy Act”.


Cell phones must be put away and turned off for security reasons, especially during testing. Having cell phones out may jeopardize the integrity of the testing. The school and parents of the violator will be held accountable.





Konawaena Middle School recognizes that computers are used to support learning and to enhance instruction. It is a general policy that all computers are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical and legal manner. All students will be required to submit a signed “Computer and Internet Usage Consent and Waiver” (Consent/Waiver) form and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) form. Computer licenses will be issued to all students who have turned in the consent/waiver form, a signed AUP and passed the computer use test. Konawaena Middle School declares unethical and unacceptable behavior as just cause for taking disciplinary action, revoking information network access privileges, and/or initiating legal action for any activity through which an individual:


  1. Uses the information network for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes, or in support of such activities. Illegal activities shall be defined as those which violate local, state and/or federal laws. Inappropriate is defined as a violation of the intended use of the network, and/or purpose and goal. An obscene activity is defined as a violation of generally accepted social standards for use of a publicly owned and operated communication vehicle.


  1. Uses the information networks for any illegal activity, including violation of copyrights or other contracts violating such matters as institutional or third party copyright, license agreements and other contracts.


  1. Intentionally disrupts network traffic or crashes the network systems.


  1. Degrades, destroys or disrupts equipment of system performance.


  1. Uses KMS computing resources for financial gain or fraud.


  1.  Steals data or causes damage to equipment or intellectual property.


  1. Vandalizes the data or files of others.


  1. Gains or seeks to gain unauthorized access to resources or entities.


  1. Invades the privacy of individuals.


  1. Posts anonymous messages.


  1. Possesses any data which might be considered illegal.


  1. Transmits obscene or harassing material.


  1.  Uses unauthorized entry (hacking) to any or other computers accessible via the network.


Consequences of Violating the Internet Use Policy:


  1. Suspension or revocation of internet access.
  2. Suspension or revocation of all computer access, phone call to parents.
  3. School suspension, revocation of all computer access, phone call and letter to parents.
  4. Legal action and prosecution by the authorities.


Remedies and Recourse: Anyone accused of any violations will be afforded due process rights.