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Health Room



Health Room: A trained school health assistant is available daily. The health room is located in the administration building, room F-4. Students are required to get a pass to the health room from their teacher.


The school health assistant assesses the student to determine the need to release the student from school or have the student rest and return to class as appropriate. The school health assistant can be reached by calling 323-4566, extension 232.


Contact with parents: If the school health assistant determines that a student should be released from school for the day, she will contact the student’s parent/guardian. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached by phone, the school health assistant will contact other persons listed on the student’s Emergency Card.


If the parent/ guardian or designated adult cannot be contacted, the student will remain in the health room. If at any time the school health assistant is absent, a parent/guardian will be contacted by the office staff and the child will either be picked up or sent back to class.


Procedure for release of students: Students must report to the health room. The school health assistant is responsible for releasing sick or injured students from school. Students who become ill during the day will not be released until they have reported to the Health Room.


 A parent/ guardian, or designated adult must sign the student out through the health room. Students are prohibited from using cell phones and/or classroom phones to call or text parents if they are feeling ill.


Head Lice “Ukus”: Should students have live Ukus in their hair, parents will be called immediately.


Emergency Requiring Ambulance: Should a student be injured severely enough that school administration feels that EMS responders are necessary; the school will call for such services.


The parent/guardian will be responsible for monetary obligations for the EMS service. Should this take place, the parent/guardian will be notified as soon as possible.


Medications: The Department of Health requires that medications for students can only be administered after the form SHS-36 is filled out by the doctor and returned to the health room by a parent or authorized adult. Students must report to the health room to take their medication.