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Student Support Services



Konawaena Middle School offers an array of Student Support Services to help ensure that all students are successful. The basic responsibility for student success rests with the student. Parents assist by providing a structured learning environment at home while a team of teachers provide the appropriate instruction and learning activities at school. 


Special Services: When a student makes limited progress, the parent, child and teachers may meet to discuss additional support services. Available services include:

  • Evaluation and Assessments are available through Section 36 and 504 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA);


  • Special Education and 504 Services are provided for students found eligible under IDEA. Parents are encouraged to talk to any of their child’s teachers or the school counselor or Student Services Coordinator, if they feel their child may require special services for any reason. Students may also be referred for services by teachers, at which time the counselor or Student Services Coordinator will call the parents and arrange a meeting to discuss the concerns and possible additional support.


  • Counseling is available on campus for all students who may need help with individual problems. Group counseling is also available.


  • Behavioral Counseling is also available.


Gifted and Talented program provides service to identified students in the regular classroom and also provides for special project time during the week.


Advisory is a daily period where students are provided the opportunity to talk with others and an adult about issues confronting students during the middle school years. Team building activities, social skills, study skills, intramural sports, and service projects are all part of the Advisory program.


ELL Classes (English Language Learners) are provided to assist students in learning English so they may be successful in their regular classes. Individual and group help is offered during the school day.

AVID Program: Advancement via Individual Determination. AVID comes from the Latin root avidus, meaning “eager for knowledge”. The AVID program is designed to increase school wide learning and performance for students. Currently, KMS offers this through our elective courses as a year-long elective choice. The purpose of AVID is to restructure the teaching methods of an entire school and to open access to the curricula that will ensure four-year college eligibility for the majority of students.


The mission of AVID is to ensure that:


  • Students will succeed in rigorous curriculum (Algebra)
  • Students will complete a rigorous college preparatory path
  • Students will enter mainstream activities of the school
  • Students will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges, and
  • Students will become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society


AVID is a year-long elective and in order to enroll, you must apply for this special program. Currently, KMS offers two AVID elective courses. Please contact our AVID teacher for more information about this program. 

are available for students and are located outside most of the classrooms. Students supply
their own combination lock and provide the office with their combination (for emergencies). No laser or key locks are allowed. Lockers are assigned during registration, only after all dues are paid and schedules received. Lockers are assigned on a first come first served basis.

Due to the small size of some of our classrooms, some teachers do not permit backpacks in the classroom as they take up too much space, so please take advantage of securing a locker and placing your backpack in the assigned locker.


Student Activities develop the social skills of students and promote team work. School activities are an important aspect of the middle school experience. At KMS, activities include community service projects, dances, fun assemblies, spirit week, field trips (non academic), and positive behavior activities.


These activities are supplemental and participation is not required. Attending these activities is considered a privilege.


Teaming is the basic structure of the middle school program at KMS. Students are supported in their learning and development when teachers working with them are able to share information, curriculum, and interdisciplinary thematic units to provide a comprehensive integrated program and to support success with the Common Core State Standards.


Student recognition is provided each quarter through assemblies and awards that celebrate the successes of students academically and socially.




The school attempts to keep parents informed about their child’s progress in a variety of ways.

School Website: Visit our website at konawaenamiddle.k12.hi.us to view our calendar, currents news, and announcements.


Infinite Campus Portal: In an effort to improve communication between school and home, and to keep parents updated on your student’s academic progress, KMS uses an online grading system called Infinite Campus. This system allows families to login and view student’s assignments, scores, and progress. Please be sure to complete the registration form at the beginning of the school year in order to access this system. Check that your e-mail address is correct and updated.


Progress Reports: School teams send out two progress reports every quarter. Progress reports are sent out every three weeks with a report card at the end of the quarter. (This information can also be accessed through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.)


Thursday Newsletter: The Thursday Newsletter is available online on our website. Every other Thursday, students are given a hard copy of the Newsletter to take home to parents that have opted out of the online version.  Please establish a regular procedure of reading the newsletter with your child each week.

Report Cards: Official grade reports are sent home four times a year and will show grades and credits earned at the end of each academic quarter. Report cards are mailed at the end of the year.


Open House: Parents are invited to meet their child’s teachers and find out about the general curriculum of the grade level and team during an evening meeting held in August.

Student-Led Conferences: Students present evidence of their achievement of the school-wide learning goals and the Common Core State Standards. Goal setting, self-reflection, and parent reflection are included in these conferences. Student Led Conferences are held in October and April.


SCC: The School Community Council meets monthly. The focus of the SCC is shared decision making regarding the direction of the school. Please contact the school office for meeting dates and times.