Konawaena Middle School Mission & Vision

Mission: Kulia i ka nu'u (strive for the highest summit).Konawaena Middle School Design
The vision of Konawaena Middle School is to strive for the highest summit by embracing diversity through an engaging, challenging, student-centered curriculum.
Teachers and students at Konawaena Middle School connect to culture and community through interdisciplinary projects.
The Ha: BREATH makes up the framework for the school that makes the school unique to Hawai'i:
Total Well-being
Students and staff strive to meet the General Learner Outcomes:
Self Directed Learner
Community Contributor
Complex Thinker
Quality Producer
Effective Communicator
Effective User of Technology
And, finally, students and staff uphold the schoolwide expectations of...
Take Care of Yourself
Take Care of Each Other
Take Care of This Place